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[eclipselink-users] setting up Eclipselink with Glassfish in Netbeans, tables not being created?


I would like to use Eclipselink with Glassfishv2 (using my IDE Netbeans)..

I have added the following jars from the lastest milestone




to my project classpath

and using the Netbeans persistence.xml tool I have also added a new Persistence Provider where I also pointed to these same jars (as well as all the other jars that come with the milestone), (also i have just tried using the jars from the plugins as well, but no dice)

my persistence.xml is as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <persistence-unit name="marktwo-ejbPU" transaction-type="JTA">
    <description>marktwo persistence.</description>
      <property name="" value="SunAS9"/>
      <property name="eclipselink.ddl-generation.output-mode" value="database"/>
      <property name="eclipselink.logging.level" value="FINEST"/>
      <property name="eclipselink.jdbc.password" value="hello"/>
      <property name="eclipselink.jdbc.user" value="root"/>
      <property name="eclipselink.jdbc.url" value="jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/marktwo;create=true"/>
      <property name="eclipselink.jdbc.driver" value="com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"/>
      <property name="eclipselink.ddl-generation" value="drop-and-create-tables"/>

I have gone through this mailing list and found some hints (highlighted in blue from Tom @ that i was hoping to fix my problem however when i deploy my test app no database tables are being generated? 

I know i don't even need the stuff written in green, and pink ? but i have just tried to throw everything in?? (and have tried numerous combinations in between)

I have also tested this by changing back to the default Toplink and it all works : tables are created?

I am just wondering if I have missed a step that would be required to set this up? 

Basically it is just not connecting with the database? no exceptions get throw nothing? also i even tried just shutting down the database and reploying ... nothing, still not even an exception? is there some crucial step that i have overlooked? do i need to reconfigure Glassfish to not use Toplink and now use Eclipselink? 



ps. i am running osx 10.51,  mysql 5, Glassfishv2RI, Netbeans 6.1, EclipseLink M1.0 

pps. what is the difference in using the jars from the Install or from OSIG Plugins?

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