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Re: [] Transfer of planning council seat

Hi Nick,

Thank you for your past service on the Planning Council. I don't know where this past history of chairs is recorded so I appreciate you bringing it to my attention. 

At the moment the membership in the Planning Council is a bit out of date following the removal of the planning council from the Eclipse Foundation Bylaws, and then adding it more recently to the Eclipse IDE WG Charter.

I have just take over as chair and sorting this out is on my to do list. But in the meantime unfortunately the seat you occupy is because of RedHat's position on the Eclipse Board, but since RedHat is not a strategic member of the IDE WG that position no longer automatically exists.

While I appreciate Eric volunteering to step up, this needs approval by the steering committee first. I plan to reach out to all the members of the planning council and PMCs in the coming weeks to make sure our membership is up to date and relevant. Then I can take the proposed membership list to the IDE WG steering committee for any approvals that are needed. I will email Eric in preparation for that. In the meantime: Eric, please follow along with the conversations on the planning council archive and feel free to reach out to me personally.


On Thu., Oct. 21, 2021, 09:26 Nick Boldt, <nboldt@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hey, Planning Council,

Since I've been pretty much absent from the Planning Council calls for the better part of 2 years (ever since I took over to briefly chair the calls, back in Sep-Nov 2018), I suppose it would be beneficial for me to transfer my seat to someone who's more involved in Eclipse IDE releases and would participate more regularly.

I would like to nominate @Eric Williams (also from Red Hat) for the seat, as he's managing teams directly involved in Eclipse IDE development. 

Is that something I can do? No idea what the PC guidelines are for this scenario.



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