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Re: [] 2018-12 Respin?



My sense is that while this is a super annoying problem, we should not assume that everyone necessary is available last minute right before the holiday season to deal with respinning and retesting along with a delayed release.   It's extremely bad timing for this time of the year.

This post on the forum suggests the problem is more wide spread than has currently been identified:

As such, I'm doubtful a respin will catch all the problems, and I'd be concerned that we replace this problem with a different set of problems.


On 17.12.2018 17:45, Frederic Gurr wrote:
Dear Planning Council members,

ICYMI, as reported in by
Holger Voorman, the 2018-12 RC2 "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers" logs
errors, breaks bug/enhancement reporting and task search.

Please decide if this justifies a last minute respin. Since time is in
short supply, this needs to be decided today, if we don't want to risk
delaying the release.

Side note: I'm wondering, why theses issues were not found during the
EPP tests.



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