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[cross-project-issues-dev] Errors when running 2018-12 RC2 on Java 11

Hi all,

When running the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers 2018-12 RC2 [1] on Java 11 (tested on Windows 10 with the Oracle JDK 11.0.1 [2] and the OpenJ9 OpenJDK 11.0.1+13 [3]) three "FrameworkEvent ERROR" and one "Unexpected error while loading repository template extensions" errors are logged each time the IDE is started.

This is probably caused by the Mylyn Bugzilla connector that requires the javax.xml.bind package ("Import-Package: javax.xml.bind"), which is no longer contained in Java 11.

Probably all other packages are also affected since the Bugzilla connector is used by the "Report Bug or Enhancement" feature.

Broken features:

(1) "Help > Report Bug or Enhancement...", e. g. "" + "Next >" + "Eclipse Platform" + "Finish" Error dialog: "Creation of a support request failed. The information for the selected product is incomplete."
=> Bug/enhancement cannot be reported.

(2) Task Search ("Search > Search...", tab "Task Search")
Error dialog: "None of the available online repositories support task search."
=> Almost empty search page without fields and disabled "Search" button.


The bug can be fixed by downloading the following bundles from Eclipse Orbit [4] and placing them into the "dropins" folder (the errors will be logged one more time after the first start, but the features work without restarting):

- javax.xml.bind 2.2.0
- javax.activation 1.1.0
- javax.xml 1.3.4 (only required because javax.xml.bind contains 'Import-Package: javax.xml; version="[1.3,2.0),..."' instead of 'Import-Package: javax.xml,...')

Eclipse Code Recommenders and the RSS News feature were removed in RC2 [5] (which IMHO is a big loss) also use the javax.xml.bind package (e. g. here [6] without 'Import-Package: javax.xml.bind' [7]).

It would be great if the final release would be shipped without these issues.



PS: I have already made a trailer ( and video about the general and Git improvements ( Unfortunately, I'm blocked creating a video about Java and Gradle improvements by the mentioned issue of not knowing if it will be fixed.

PPS: There is another problem when using OpenJ9 OpenJDK 11 with "-Xshareclasses" for faster startup: after restarting Eclipse (when the cache is used) Java projects are displayed as empty. I haven't looked into it yet, but it seems to me to be more of an Eclipse OpenJ9 than an Eclipse JDT issue.

[1] [2] [3] [4]
[6] [7]

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