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Re: [] SimRel Naming

On 14/05/2018 4:50 AM, Mike Milinkovich wrote:
Actually, I believe that is a simple misunderstanding. There is no interest I am aware of in growing the Eclipse IDE simultaneous release to include other technology areas.
Yes, clearly it wouldn't be the Eclipse IDE simultaneous release if it included more than just what that name implies.
What the Board discussed was the idea of leveraging the experience of the Planning Council to help with the creation of additional simultaneous releases.
Yes, that was discussed several times during recent meetings, reiterated by Wayne at the most recent meeting.
However, those additional simrel's would have their own schedules, and (perhaps) be managed by distinct committees within the Planning Council.
Likely it would be difficult or perhaps even pointless to line up the schedules.  Given each would have a different set of deliverables, likely on a different schedule, one group to manage them all would make little sense.  I also get the sense that the experience of the current Planning Council, which is focused on delivering an aggregated p2 repo for a set of projects, along with a p2 repo for a set Eclipse packages with associated pre-canned packages, isn't perhaps all that helpful in terms of producing other forms of deliverables.

But we shall see.

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