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[] How to encourage roll-up reviews

As mentioned on another thread, I've updated the starter "participating projects" page,

with a little more top level organization, and added the following guidance at the
top of the page:

[Note: the data that's currently there was just a quick edit of last years data to provide a starting point. As projects fill in the table, be sure to discuss with your PMC and Project Chain and Project Peers. It is desired to consolidate as many "rows" as can meaningfully and legitimately be combined. In the end, each row should correspond to one project review (that is, one set of Docuware for each row).]

Looks like we have 11 Top Level Projects now! Guess I forgot about that "Runtime" one. :) And, appears to me there would be at least 25 "rows", at a minimum.

If anyone sees any improvements to make, feel free.


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