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Re: [] Notes from today's meeting ... and a request to those not there ...

+1 on all documents.

I'd like to restrict the total number of reviews that we have to do. In that light, I'm going to push for one release review for each row in the table on the Participating Projects page.

I don't think that this requires any changes in the documents.

Does this sound reasonable?

My apologies for missing the call.


David M Williams wrote:

I've updated our notes from todays call:

Let us know if inaccuracies or omissions.

For those of you had to drop off early (Oisin, Cedric) or did not attend the call (Wayne, John, Chris, Anthony, and Christian), I would appreciate you documenting here to the mailing list your approval (or not) of our plan and requirements documents. While we had a unanimous agreement of those present, and that would be a majority (10 of 16) it is good form to document more agreement than a simple majority. Plus, it is my way of not letting you off the hook for not attending the meeting. :)

I have update the main planning document in some minor ways as discussed,

most notably pulling the participating projects table into its own page

and did some simple edits to requirements document

I'll announce these documents to Cross Project list on Thursday.

Thanks very much for your help with the Simultaneous Release!


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