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[] Inactive PC members?

>From a quick scan of our official member list, at

Compared to the meeting minutes at

It appears these 6 members are inactive: 
= = = = = = 
No meetings since March? 
Cedric Brun    OBEO    Strategic Developer
Stefan Daume   Cloudsmith Inc. Strategic Developer

No meetings on record? 
Mika Hoikkala  Nokia   Strategic Developer
Christian Kurzke   Motorola    Strategic Developer
James Saliba   CA Inc. Strategic Developer
Sebastian Voigt    brox IT-Solutions GmbH   Strategic Developer
= = = = = = 

I thought I'd start with a posting to this PC mailing list. 

Do any of the 6 still follow this list? 

Have I made any errors in noting who was inactive? 

As I mentioned at our last meeting, I'll be soliciting more active 
participation from these strategic members since 1) it's important to 
them, and a perk of membership to get some say in the yearly release 
criteria and 2) it's important to us, the PC, to be sure we have a 
diverse, representative makeup.


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