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[] Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Re: EclipseCon memory stick and Ganymede M5

How big is the Ganymede update site if all .jar files that are also represented with a .jar.pack.gz are removed?

- thomas

Nick Boldt wrote:

Seems unfair to exclude projects not in EPP bundles. You're encouraging other bundles to be built, true, but if there's only room on the stick for 4 bundles x 2 OSes, there's no point. Especially if you're a Ganymede project whose developers use Macs. :(

If the install path for an EPP-bundle-on-a-stick is:

1. unpack OS-specific bundle onto hard drive;
2. run eclipse.exe or ./eclipse

We could provide several platform binaries (at least 3 for win, lin, and mac) and EPP-bundles-minus-the-platform. Since only about 38M of each bundle is platform-specific, wouldn't it make more sense to just have the update site on the stick, rather than 4 x 2 = 8 nearly-indentical zips?

This would make the install path:

1. unpack OS-specific platform onto hard drive;
2. unpack OS-independent (no Platform) EPP "lite" bundle of choice;
3. run eclipse.exe or ./eclipse

Of course that would still exclude the non-bundled Ganymede projects. So, then, to accomodate them... why not simply put their runtime/sdk zips on the stick?

Say you're attending one of the BIRT talks. You'd do this:

1. unpack OS-specific platform onto hard drive;
2. unpack OS-independent (no Platform) EPP "lite" bundle of choice;
3. unpack BIRT RT or SDK;
4. run eclipse.exe or ./eclipse



On Jan 31, 2008 4:56 PM, Bjorn Freeman-Benson <bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Here are the facts so far:

       1. The following teams have said yes to a slightly compressed
          schedule in order to fit the M5 EPP packages on the
          EclipseCon USB memory stick:
             1. TPTP
             2. Modeling
             3. DSDP/DD
             4. Buckminster
             5. Mylyn
             6. DTP
       2. The following teams have said no to a compressed schedule:
             1. Webtools
       3. Some projects (such as BIRT) are not included in EPP
          packages and thus would not be included on the memory stick.
          Of course community members and project leaders are welcome
          to create new packages (see Ian's email
          and be included.
       4. Because we are buying so many memory sticks, our meeting
          planners convinced the memory stick suppliers to accept Feb
          22 (absolute drop dead date) for us to supply the bits.
       5. We can include approximately eight packages on the USB
          memory stick. Currently there four packages
          <> (C, Java, JEE,
          RCP), thus we could include two operating systems for each
          of those four. Win32 is our number one download, so I think
          it's obvious that we would include at least the Win32 packages.

    Thus I propose:

        * The +3 projects agree to produce their M5 bits on the +2
          date of Feb 18
        * The EPP builds will be on Feb 19
        * That gives us Feb 20 and 21 (Wednesday and Thursday) to test
          the packages and decide if they are good enough to be
          "milestone quality"

    Any objections?
    - Bjorn
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