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RE: [] RE: [cross-project-issues-dev]EclipseCon and Ganymede M5

+1 for hopping on Integration builds early in order to avoid M5eh this year.
    We discussed it several times and everyone was in favor of it, so let's
    do it! I'm getting the Platform I-build now and setting up our unit tests
    to run against it.
If I'm not mistaken, the problem that led to M5eh last year was a Platform
issue that would only be discovered once integration tests were run with
lots of other stuff on top of the Platform. So let's do it and throw our stuff
on it early - it will be for the good of all of us regardless of making the
stick or not.
-1 for relying on any kind of local mirror for late updates. I tried installing
    Europa from the EclipseCon mirrors last year, and it was nothing but
    PAINFUL. Given that we'll have P2 with Ganymede, it also does not
    help to do any stress testing of the old Update Manager under problematic
    network or bandwidth conditions.
+1 for JDKs on the stick if the room is there and the redistribution licensing
    can be clarified in time.
-1 for Win64 since it is not an officially supported Platform as per the
    Eclipse Project Plan. Of course win32, linux-gtk32 and Mac should
    be there; I'm not even sure about linux-gtk64, how many people
    would have a Laptop that can ONLY run linux64 and NOT linux32??
BTW, - depending on what packages should actually go on the stick -
did anybody think about how Ganymede would actually be consumed
from the stick? Looks like people would need to
   1.) Install JDK
   2.) Install Platform or one of the EPP Packages, then run it
   3.) Help > SW Updates > Find and Install... > New Local Site...
        (i.e. NOT use the Ganymede Discovery Site)
IF Ganymede goes on the stick, a printed paper with such installation notes
should be distributed with the stick. Or can anybody come up with an
even simpler installation story?
Also note that any issues that still keep people from checking
all of Ganymede and doing "install" need to be fixed by M5.
Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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To mitigate the risk of a rogue post-milestone build, I would encourage all teams to download our latest integration build and give it a try.  Run your JUnits against it.  Use for it for every day development.   If you see any issues, don't delay, open a bug today...

Next week, I would encourage teams to try out out one of builds toward M5 which will be running on the following schedule.


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