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RE: [] Eclipse User Interface Guidelines and UI Checklist

Anyone object to my adding the following entry the Encouraged listing?  While it is a late addition it is a “should” and I think that having a pointer there will be helpful when projects take a pass through the Ganymede requirements.


2. Should follow the UI Checklist




From: [] On Behalf Of David M Williams
Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2008 8:05 AM
Subject: [] Eclipse User Interface Guidelines and UI Checklist


> > What was the decision with respect to enforcing these UI guidelines for
> > projects included in Ganymede?

> So I guess to answer Mike's question, we really haven't made a
> decision on how to proceed with this yet. From what I remember of
> the discussion we kinda got overwelmed by the weight of the details
> and it fizzled out.

I remember it differently. Though end result is similar.

I recall we explicitly decided not to even consider having any UI-checklist-like requirement for Ganymede, since the spec wasn't done at our last meeting, (hence, how could we even decide) and given that the UI group itself said the checklist they had then was not so much for "compliance checking" as it was for for "best practices" -- then it seemed especially unlikely there could ever possibly be anything that could be _required_ of Projects.

At that meeting Bob committed that they would work on having a new, separate list more suitable for compliance checking, I guess that's what this list is? But ... it would require a whole new review and discussion, and doubt there's time to realistically expect a "must do".

There was also a concern that UI checklists would not lead to increased usability, it's a necessary part, but not sufficient, and, we feared, was a small part of the harder question of "do these components work well together?".

We did acknowledge, however, that the user community could certainly open bugs if a UI "did not meet guidelines" and these bugs would be valid and prioritized along with any other bugs reported.

And, I believe, we Projects hope there is a lot of community scrutiny of these guidelines and our implementation of them. Anything that can be done to encourage the community of end users to apply that scrutiny would be helpful, I think.  How about "I love UI bugs" t-shirts?  :)

Oh, and we did, however, invent a new whole new category for UI issues -- "encouraged". See

= = = =

We added a third, even weaker, category of recommendations:
1.        Should participate in a User Interface Best Practices Working Group UI walkthrough.
= = = =

So ... not the same as "fizzled out" ... but, no concrete actions dictated.

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