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[] Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Feedback on the europa update site

Europa People,
I ran a simple test this evening and confirmed that the update manager does not "select required" unless the features are mentioned in site.xml. Thus we need to keep all the features in the site.xml - you can always use "Enabling Features" to pseudo-hide the ones you don't want to be so public.

- Bjorn

The test:
  1. I downloaded the entire Europa staging update site to my local machine
  2. I edited the staging/site.xml and removed the Apache Derby Feature element.
  3. I left the features/org.apache.derby.core_10.1.2.1.jar untouched.
  4. I installed a fresh copy of 3.3RC1 Platform SDK (yes, I realize we're up to 3.3RC3 now, but I had RC1 on my disk)
  5. Help > Software Updates > Find and Install > Search for New Features > my desktop modified staging update site
  6. "Testing and Performance"
  7. Press Select Required
  8. Error:  Eclipse BIRT Example (2.2.0.v20070314-7C7C-5SQCCz-ClUg) requires feature "org.apache.derby.core (", or later version.
With an un-modified site.xml, step 8 results in a happy selection of Charting and Reporting, Database Development, Enabling Features, Graphical Editors and Frameworks, Java Development, Models and Model Development, and Testing and Performance. And no error messages.

Jeff McAffer wrote:
Note that I said,
        " Of course, there may well be a reality issue blocking this theory... "
Please confirm that this all works as described, expected, desired before going off and doing Europa-wide changes.

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