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Eclipse Marketing Call Minutes from Jun. 3

Eclipse Marketing Call Minutes

June 3, 2008 at 12:00 pm EST


Next Call: June 17, 2008 at 12:00 pm EST

Dial 1-866-362-7064 or +1 613-287-8000

Pass code 880932


Attended:  Chris Calandro (AMD), Eric Cloninger (Motorola), Manuela Duft (compeople), Donna Esposito (EclipseWorld), Lynn Gayowski (Eclipse), Charlie Kelly (Third Millennium), Tina Kvavle (Instantiations), Chris Nguyen (BEA), Vijay Ramakrishnan (Actuate), Ian Skerrett (Eclipse)


FOUNDATION UPDATES (see below for information that was given on each event):

1. Market Research

2. Ganymede Release Activities

3. Eclipse Summit Europe (ESE)

4. EclipseWorld

5. Website Promotion Program on



1. Market Research

-The Foundation is organizing a survey of the Eclipse community to find out the wants and needs of developers

-Proposals should be in to Ian Skerrett this week from Evans, Forrester and IDC

-Eric from Motorola expressed an interest on research in the embedded sector specifically

-The general survey may not reach enough embedded developers but Eric will see if there’s enough interest to run another survey separately


Opportunities:  Email Ian Skerrett at ian at eclipse dot org if you’re interested in participating in the selection process or the research, or if embedded research would be of interest to your company.


2. Ganymede Release Activities

-The official release date of Ganymede is June 25

-DemoCamps around the world are being organized during the month of June to show encourage networking

-Members can get recognition on the event wiki by sponsoring a DemoCamp in their local area

-Press outreach on the release will take place on June 25

-A series of Ganymede project videos are being recorded with OpenTech Media and will be promoted on Eclipse Live the last week of June and during July


Opportunities:  Sponsor or attend an Eclipse DemoCamp in your area - details at


3. Eclipse Summit Europe (ESE)

November 19-20, 2008

Ludwigsburg, Germany


-The call for papers is out at

-Presentations at the conference will be delivered in English

-Sponsorship is open with a reduced rate for members, see


Opportunities: Submit a talk or sponsor – online submission forms at


4. EclipseWorld

October 28-30, 2008

Reston, VA


-It’s the 3rd year for EclipseWorld

-Focus of the conference is on enterprise IT developers and end users

-There are only a few speaking slots available - email Donna Esposito at desposito at bzmedia dot com to request one

-The exhibit prospectus is available online at

-The extreme early bird discount ends July 18


Opportunities:  Sponsor or register for EclipseWorld at


5. Website Promotion Program on

-Strategic Members of Eclipse can have a campaign ad or their logo as a “Featured Member” included on the homepage

-response has been favourable and the program was extended to the Downloads page as well

-Donald Smith, donald at eclipse dot org, can provide more metrics on the promotion program

-For all members, if you use Google ads, you can target the Downloads page or


Opportunities:  See to participate in a strategic member ad or a Google ad




Lynn Gayowski

Marketing Events Manager

Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

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