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Early Access to Eclipse Ganymede Release and Ganymede Promotion Activities!

Membership at large,

Early Ganymede Access
As you may know, the next major release train of Eclipse (version 3.4, named
"Ganymede") will be generally available on or around June 26th, 2008.  We
would like to invite our Members to access the Ganymede Release before it is
generally available on (early access would start on or around
June 24th, 2007).  To receive early access, you will need to download the
bits through the RSYNC utility. Please email membership@xxxxxxxxxxx to
receive instructions on how to register with us for early access.

Attend an Eclipse DemoCamp [1]
Eclipse DemoCamps are taking place around the world to celebrate Ganymede.
You can meet other Eclipse fans in your area and see demos of the new, cool
technology being built by the community.  Check for a location near you!

Join Ganymede Around the World [2] 
Tell the world how you're using the Eclipse projects in the Ganymede release
by posting your blog, video or podcast review to the Ganymede Around the
World map, and we'll send you an Eclipse shirt.  See the full contest
details for other prizes that are available, including a grand prize of an
EclipseCon 2009 or Eclipse Summit Europe 2008 conference pass!  You're also
welcome to submit a message or photo to the map. 

Enter the Ganymede Poster Contest[3]
Eclipse committer Nick Boldt has organized a Ganymede poster contest.  Show
off your talent for Photoshop or GIMP by redesigning a movie poster to
showcase something about Ganymede.  More details and examples can be found
on Nick's blog.

Post a "Ganymede is Coming" Banner [4]
A "Ganymede is Coming" banner is available for you to post on your blog or
web site.  Help us get the word out!

[1] - 
[2] - 
[3] -  
[4] -

 - Don

Donald Smith
Director of Ecosystem Development
Eclipse Foundation, Inc.
P:+1 613 224 9461 x231
C:+1 613 292 5160
F:+1 212 918 1619

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