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[] Eclipse Committers February 2024 Office Hours: IPLab

Greetings Committers.

Content Preferences Survey

In last year’s committer survey, you expressed your need for marketing support to help reach your communities with the project information they need to be successful with your projects. The Eclipse Foundation’s Marketing and Communications Team needs your help to determine the best channels and forms of communication to reach out to your audiences. To achieve this, they kindly ask that you complete their 5-minute Content Preferences survey.

Whether it’s written articles and tutorials or how-to videos, sharing your perspective helps the Marketing and Communications Team amplify your messages and create content tailored to your community’s needs. We would appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey by February 9 2024.

Google Summer of Code

We are getting ready to apply to this year's Google Summer of Code!

If you are interested in mentoring one or more student projects, please take a few minutes to add your project ideas using the template in the GSoC for EF repository. If you're interested in participating please take the time to create a complete project idea as defined by the criteria available here (we need to have multiple well-defined project ideas as part of our application; pointers to your project's bug reports is not enough). Please also join the soc-dev mailing list to keep in-the-loop on GSoC-related communication.

Note that mentoring a GSoC project requires real effort. It's helpful to regard this as an opportunity to create a relationship with a student and develop some mindshare around your project, rather than as free labour. Our most successful GSoC projects have resulted in students becoming ongoing contributors and committers.

We are in the process of putting together our application. The application period ends on February 6 2024, so please get your project ideas into the system as soon as you can.

If you have any questions, please reach out to EMO.

Office Hours: IPLab

As you know, careful intellectual property management is a key feature for Eclipse Projects and a key service that we provide. Over the years, we've managed to turn our due diligence processes from an entirely manual process to one that is highly (but not entirely) automated. We're able to do a lot automatically, but still require your engagement in the process.

In February's Committer Office Hours, scheduled for February 8 2024 at 1330h UTC (that's 1430h CET, 0830h EST), our topic will be IPLab. IPLab is what we call the combination of the GitLab repository that we've set up for committers to use to engage in intellectual property due diligence review and the automated processes that support the IP due diligence process. In this session, we'll focus on manual creation of reviews, which is often required when the review of project content is required (the Eclipse Dash License Tool automates most of the heavy lifting for third party content).

February 8 2024 at 1330h UTC
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 846 3894 5339

We'll capture a recording of this session and include it along with the recordings of past sessions on the EMO's Project Calendar page (note that there are links on this page to import our calendar).



Wayne Beaton

Director of Open Source Projects | Eclipse Foundation

My working day may not be your working day! Please don’t feel obliged to read or reply to this e-mail outside of your normal working hours.

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