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[] Ongoing service deprecation work

Hi Everyone,

  I wanted to provide you all with an update about the work we are doing to clean up our technical debt and rightsize our service offerings.

The shutdown of[1] in mid Q2 2024 is fast approaching.  Projects should confirm that any content they wish to preserve has moved before then.  We have a FAQ[2] about how to move your content and we can create server level page redirects for old to new , if desired.

Next up is the forums.  Currently we're working to update them, and there is a conversation[3] about removing them.  We don't have a specific timeline or plan for that, just know you'll be hearing more in the future.

Finally the Gerrit[4] transition is ongoing.    Almost 60% of projects have moved to Gitlab or Github, so we're on schedule for the planned Gerrit shutdown in May 2025.    If your project would like to move sooner, please file a helpdesk[5] issue and we'll work with you to get it done.

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