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[] Infra update: upcoming maintenance, no IE11, service deprecation, 2FA, better ECA

Hello everyone,

Here's a quick update from Eclipse infra-land. There's some important info below and one action item; please take a moment to read.

Upcoming maintenance: storage, authentication Sept 28

We're planning maintenance to the storage and authentication services during our Sunday, Sept 28 06:00 ET maintenance window [1]. During this time, some web properties and all operations requiring authentication may experience failures or degraded levels of service.

Please see details and follow updates on our service status page: or by following @Eclipse_Status on Twitter.

Dropping support for IE11 planned

IE11 support is an impediment to modernization. Please see:

Services Deprecation: Git, Gerrit, Bugzilla update

We are on track for the deprecation of the Git, Gerrit and Bugzilla services, in favour of Eclipse GitLab and GitHub, as outlined here:

PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR MIGRATION PATH if you are still using Git/Gerrit for your code repositories. The next step will be to migrate project websites [2] to the domain, and since those repositories can now exist anywhere, placing them alongside your code repos likely makes the most sense. We will be contacting you soon to plan your website repository migration from Gerrit.

Requiring 2FA on GitLab, GitHub

As a reminder, we will be requiring Two Factor Authentication for Eclipse GitLab and GitHub effective Oct 1. [3] [4] #software-security-starts-with-the-developer

Improved GitLab ECA status

For GitLab, the ECA status of a merge now has a better, more informative status page. An example can be found here [5].

Project Handbook

This is your guide to participating effectively in an Eclipse Foundation OSS project. It covers everything from committer elections, managing vulnerabilities, Intellectual Property and Legal, to builds, signing and general development processes. Please see:

If you've made it this far, you're eligible for a free prize at EclipseCON 2022! The prize will likely be a free beer ticket, which you'd probably get anyway, but I do appreciate your reading the entirety of these status emails.







Denis Roy

Director, IT Services | Eclipse Foundation

Eclipse Foundation: The Community for Open Innovation and Collaboration

Twitter: @droy_eclipse

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