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Re: [] eSignature via HelloSign, was: Committers Agreement Open Ended


I complained about this privately.

Denis Roy conceded that I had a point in expecting that a trusted institution such as should propagate the trust to any subcontract such as hellosign by exploiting its service as

thereby assuring us that the EF has verified that hellosign is providing a service that the EF has assessed. Allowing noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to provide an unexpected invitation to transact Eclipse business at e.g. hellosign/.../eclipse/.. is IMHO unacceptable since how can we really tell that we are not being redirected to a variant of


        Ed Willink

On 24/02/2019 13:36, Mykola Nikishov wrote:
Michael Keppler <Michael.Keppler@xxxxxx> writes:

Also, if future changes (which we are surely notified about) turn out
to be bad, you can still just turn down committer status at that point
of time, right?
Up to this point it was fine - as an individual contributor, I've signed
the contributor agreement with a party I trust but, at the same time,
our agreement has quite a limited scope so that I do not expect some
legal quirks to backfire at me in areas unrelated to the agreement.

Now, there is a 3-rd party, HelloSign (a DropBox company), that would
provide legally binding eSignature on my behalf:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
From: Eclipse Foundation <noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Reminder: IMPORTANT: Action Required - Update Required to your Eclipse Individual Committer Agreement is awaiting your signature
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2019 20:13:28 +0000
Reply-To: HelloSign <noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Eclipse Foundation is awaiting your signature


To simplify this process, we are using HelloSign [1] to provide a
secure and legally binding eSignature experience for the exercise.

--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

It claims to reduce the amount of paperwork required from committers but
it does not, quite the opposite.

First, it brings in a new party that, by default, I do not trust in
providing legally binding signature on my behalf.

Second, to retain my Eclipse Individual Committer status, I have to find
a local layer that is professional enough to give a legal advice on
conventional/electronic signatures at the intersection of international
and local laws of:

- the State of California, USA
- Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
- un-named non-EU country


Ciao, Michael

PS: Of course, this is not legal advice.

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