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Re: [] Committers Agreement Open Ended

Am 23.02.2019 um 15:14 schrieb Peter Kriens:
This is basically an open ended agreement, to be amended by the foundation anytime. Are there more committers worried about such an agreement or am I overly cautious?

I read that as:

All committers now had to re-sign due to the specification process being added. The Foundation wants to avoid that you have to re-sign these documents every 6 months, just because another thing like GDPR pops up, EPL v3 comes around, or whatever other reason you can imagine.

I might be completely wrong about that interpretation, but I'm happy to accept this. Also, if future changes (which we are surely notified about) turn out to be bad, you can still just turn down committer status at that point of time, right?

Ciao, Michael

PS: Of course, this is not legal advice.

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