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Re: [] Installing SVN

* Schaefer, Doug <Doug.Schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2008-10-01 11:10]:
> I'm seeing git more and more these days.

The vast majority of open source projects that I have contact with are
either already using git or are moving to it*.  Even those using SVN
officially have many developers using git for their own work.

It's starting to become a big blocker for Eclipse adoption that EGit
isn't at the same level of completeness as Team/CVS or
Subclipse/Subversive.  Having to leave your IDE for version control
tasks takes a lot away from the I in IDE.

Andrew "yes, I know I should be helping instead of complaining" Overholt

* Some are using hg -- notably OpenJDK and Mozilla -- supposedly due to
the fact that the main client is written in python and thus works
natively on Windows and OS X.

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