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Re: [] Installing SVN


I've refrained from replying given that I didn't want to spam Eclipse's ~1000 committers, but I suspect I speak for most of them when I say that I really very much prefer never to see user-help questions on this mailing list.  If people feel compelled to provide helpful answers---kudos to you all who do that---I'd prefer it not be a reply to all ~1000 committers on the mailing list.  Please always suggest that users, and committers for that matter, take advantage of a newsgroup or a project-specific mailing list for asking such questions instead of this one.  I understand that you meant no offense, nor did any of the helpful people on the mailing list, and of course none was taken.  Let's just try to keep this mailing list for announcements and other information that needs to be broadcast to all committers. 

Good luck with your SVN efforts.  I've heard it's better than CVS...


Todd, John A wrote:

Apologies for spamming the list, but I’m trying to install the SVN eclipse plugin into my Ganymede install base and can’t seem to get all the ducks to line up.


If I just unzip the plugin manually into the install area, when I try and use it complains about a connector which I also manually added but can’t seem to

Get the two to see each other


When I try and use the software update feature, I get a lot of ‘invalid zip file format’ errors.


Anybody have any good doc or forum or person pointers?




- JT


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