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Re: [] Installing SVN

I concur with what you're saying. In theory, SVN seems to have the better papers. However, using CVS with Eclipse made all those issues seem to go away. Yes, a rename was a delete and a create, maybe not optimal but it was fast. Since we switched to SVN I spent SIGNIFICANTLY more time on archive related issues then before. And I do not even want to mention the 10-20x slower checkouts (why????).

As they say: In theory, practice and theory are the same, however, in practice theory and practice differ.

Kind regards,

	Peter Kriens

On 5 okt 2008, at 08:48, Ed Willink wrote:

You win some and you loose some. SVN has atomic commits. It
might seem
like a trivial feature for those who rarely experience
network problems
but for us who do on a somewhat regular basis, it's very
valuable. SVN
can also revision directories as well as files. Very hard to do if
you're using a file system. SVN doesn't loose track of history just
because you move or rename a file. All of those features are
to the fact that SVN uses a database and hence, isn't subject
to all the
limitations you have in a file system. Revisioned data is
after all not
files. It is fragmented pieces of information. The CVS model is IMHO
severely limited.

A good summary of why SVN should be better. Unfortunately SVN or
at least its tooling just doesn't work.

An atomic commit requires that I can batch up numerous different
commit candidates with distinct commit comments. I can't; the tooling
requires a separate commit per comment.

I know of no benefit from revisioning directories, but suffer numerous
pains when directories have outgoing changes (e.g. svn:ignore) while
their contents have incoming changes. The default Subversive connector
doesn't support folder comparison to try to understand the problem.

I have yet to see SVN track a rename. A Windows Explorer move or copy
is treated as delete+create. An Eclipse refactor is similarly delete +create.

And if you want a bit of fun, try cleaning up the bin trees after JDT has
copied the .SVN folders! OK, maybe one day I'll learn to switch off
auto-build in a new workspace before I do check outs.

Until the tooling works, SVN causes much more pain than joy I'm afraid.
The CVS tooling is just too smooth to move on.


		Ed Willink

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