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Re: [] Installing SVN

Like Ed, I was trying to stay out of this conversation, but Peter's poem has moved me.


Thank you very much for the inspirational, heart-warming poem.   The Webmaster team understands your pain, and has adopted the poem as our team anthem.

Peter Kriens wrote:
On 30 sep 2008, at 22:21, Ed Willink wrote:

Having now used both CVS and SVN extensively, I cannot recommend CVS
too strongly. Every time you copy or refactor in an SVN area expect nightmares.
Hear! Hear! And I started drinking way too much coffee due to SVN because it gives me ample time ... Last year I wrote my first poem ever (and likely last) during a checkout:

 Oh, how I long for the days of CVS
 When checkouts were a bless
 Updates found to be a breeze
 And a build went in a wheeze
 Now we are old and wise
 It is svn that I despise
 A simple checkout takes forever
 And often it ends never
 It is hungry for files and directories
 About disk usage it has no worries
 And with its split personality
 Using it from the shell has a penalty
 But alas, progress should not be blamed
 Directories can now be renamed!

A sad SVN user

Ok, I won't pursue a career in this area, but it illustrates my frustration ...

Kind regards,

Peter Kriens

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