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[] IP At Eclipse - 2007 in Review

I wrote an email in January of 2007 (below) that reflected back on 2006 and set out my expectation that we would continue to see a lot of change in 2007.  Now looking back 2007, it’s hard to believe that the level of change has been even greater than expected.   
  • We improved our processes by:  implementing parallel IP for incubating projects; streamlining our IP Process and updating our  IP Process overview; introducing parallelism into the Board approval process; modifying the Employer Consent form making it easier for Committers to participate in additional projects at Eclipse;  introducing a policy to provide greater clarity and transparency on our approach to the review of third party dependencies; using the Portal to manage the legal checkpoint in the Committer provisioning process; and implementing IPZilla improvements to clarify the process and increase automation.


  • We improved our services by: hiring Barb Cochrane thereby increasing our speed of review; leveraging new functionality in Bugzilla 3.0 to give Committers a view on our work-in-progress and project a milestone for completion for the next two months on a running basis (see canned searches at the bottom of your IPZilla screen); presenting at both EclipseCon and Eclipse Summit Europe to help educate the community on the work we do and IP process at Eclipse;  creating an IP Working Group of Board and Planning Council members to foster collaboration on how we can improve the IP process to improve Committers experience with the process; and working a ton of overtime to get all of the IP reviews done in time for Europa.


I firmly believe that continued improvements in automation and process streamlining are of key importance to scaling the organization. The changes we are putting in place will help as we continue to grow.  Once again, we appreciate your support and patience as we continue to work to improve our services to the community. 





Janet Campbell

Phone:  +1.613.224.9461, x.229 (GMT -5)

Fax:  +1.613.224.5172



From: Janet Campbell [mailto:janet.campbell@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, January 23, 2007 2:53 PM
To: ''
Subject: IP at Eclipse - Looking back on 2006 and Forward to 2007


As I drove into work this morning, I was reflecting back on the past year.  A lot has changed over the last year, a trend I expect to continue.   I thought I would take some time to share with you what the IP Group has been up to over the last year and some of the activity already underway in 2007.


During 2006 we:

·         Created an IP Process poster to help better communicate the steps involved in the IP Process and updated it twice.

·         Added two full time resources to improve our responsiveness (Sharon Corbett in March & Jihong Yang in June);

·         Began using Black Duck’s software to review code submissions;

·         Began using Palamida’s software to review code submissions;

·         Upgraded our scan tool to allow us to do differential analysis on submissions - meaning we can now review the delta’s between versions of a package, rather than starting from scratch with each review;

·         Implemented IPZilla to improve transparency in the IP review process; and

·         Created a policy on Implementing the IP Policy that allowed for expedited Board approval of non-EPL content;


We are just into 2007 and we have already seen the following changes:

·         IPZilla enhancements have been implemented to enable us to better serve the community:

o        A new menu option in Committer tools, called Initiate an IP discussion using IPZilla has been created.  Using this option, committers can open new IPBugs to discuss IP issues.

o        Historically approved non-EPL content is now included in IPZilla’s records – If you want to know what non-EPL content is already in use at Eclipse, it is now easy to find;

o        Functionality has been enabled in IPZilla that will enable us to “push” IPZilla information out to the PMCs and Project Leads;

o        Project Leads are now automatically copied on all IPBugs related to their project.

·         Many IPZilla bugs have been resolved;

·         The IP Policy has been changed (effective January 17, 2007) to enable incubating projects to get up and running in parallel to the full due diligence review.  See Mike’s Blog for more on this:;

·         A new server has been ordered to enable us to upgrade to the newer version of Black Duck which has significant improvements in functionality;


More changes are on the way:

·         Modifications to the Implementing the IP Policy policy are now before the Board for consideration that would introduce parallelism into the Board approval process so that post review we would be in a position to immediately approve the submission rather than awaiting Board approval – a process that typically takes an additional 15 days;

·         We are investigating code analyzers that could be used by the community to identify nested jar files, a constant challenge for both our team and the committer community.  I’ve created an IPBug to give us all a place to exchange ideas and information on this topic.  If you know of a tool that would help the community with this, please contribute to the bug.

·         Stay tuned for updates to the IP Process poster to reflect IP process streamlining.


The IPZilla enhancements and bug fixes will make a significant difference in our productivity and ability or serve the community better.  A big thank you goes out to Denis for his efforts on this front.   We will continue to work with the Community and our Board to find opportunities to improve the service that we provide.  I want to thank you for your patience as we continue to implement changes such as these. 





Janet Campbell

Legal Counsel & Manager, Intellectual Property

Eclipse Foundation Inc.

Phone:  (613) 224-9461, x.229 (GMT -5)

Fax:  (613) 224-5172

Email:  janet.campbell@xxxxxxxxxxx

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