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[] Query on how to produce JavaDoc bundles/features?

I was wondering from all the expertise on this mailing list if anyone had what they considered a good solution to generate JavaDoc for their SDK builds.

We in WTP will be changing our process soon and didn't want to re-invent anything if this is already well understood.

Currently we have a mix ... some teams do occasionally in dev. env., and just check in the results for use "as-is".
Others have a semi-automated system that re-generates each build, but it is 1) prone to breakage (since depends on some well specified property files) and
2) takes a LOT of memory when it runs, and 3) adds a fair amount of time to each build (10-15% I think, without careful measurements).

So ... I'm just opening up the discussion to see if anyone has good pointers or Ant scripts that might help?


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