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Re: [] Release 3.1 is severely crippling

"Eclipse WebMaster (Denis Roy)" <webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> They are factual and accurate: has registered 162,500 
> downloads so far. If you downloaded it ten times, the number is still 
> factually correct. If you clicked 100 times and cancelled your download, 

> we still provided you the download 100 times. Please don't confuse one 
> download as representing one individual person.

These are not "downloads" per se; these are "hits on a download page". For 
a normal person's viewpoint (which is perhaps different from a webmaster's 
normal viewpoint), a download happens when they get they file they want. 
My point is only it's misleading to refer to them as "downloads" when 
they're something different. Lets say "162,500 hits to the 3.1 download 
sites" (or some such) so that we cannot be accused of overstating our 


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