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RE: [] Release 3.1 is severely

The terminology we have always used in the past is "download requests". I
agree we should remain consistent with our past usage. It is definitely
*not* "hits to the download page" as Denis explained. We are counting when
someone really starts a download, not just viewing the download page. We
really are being careful to generate the best numbers we can with the
infrastructure we have.

We're not changing the name of the "Million Download Challenge" because it's
intended to be just a fun thing for the community. I've talked to a whole
lot of people here at JavaOne, and everyone thinks that the whole idea is a
lot of fun. And everyone I've spoken to understands that the numbers are not
perfect. But they are representative of the huge interest in Eclipse. I
really think that all of you who worked on the release should be very proud
of the community response to your efforts.

But whenever we talk about the results, we definitely need to be
conservative and explain carefully what we mean. The intent of this is
absolutely not to create an inflated impression of our success. 

I will write a blog entry explaining to everyone exactly what it is we are
counting so that it is in the public and no one can say that we're trying to
pull a fast one on anyone. Like I said, that's not our intent and I agree
that it would be really unfortunate if something that was supposed to a fun
event for our community was interpreted as a weaselly marketing ploy. (Given
my travel, I likely won't get that posted until Saturday.)

And thanks again to Kim for the idea of donating to charities. At this rate,
it could end up costing me some money!

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> "Eclipse WebMaster (Denis Roy)" <webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > They are factual and accurate: has registered 162,500 
> > downloads so far. If you downloaded it ten times, the 
> number is still 
> > factually correct. If you clicked 100 times and cancelled your 
> > download,
> > we still provided you the download 100 times. Please don't 
> confuse one 
> > download as representing one individual person.
> These are not "downloads" per se; these are "hits on a 
> download page". For a normal person's viewpoint (which is 
> perhaps different from a webmaster's normal viewpoint), a 
> download happens when they get they file they want. 
> My point is only it's misleading to refer to them as 
> "downloads" when they're something different. Lets say 
> "162,500 hits to the 3.1 download sites" (or some such) so 
> that we cannot be accused of overstating our success.
> ---jim
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