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Re: [] Real names in git commit messages

Am 11.03.2020 um 20:17 schrieb Gunnar Wagenknecht:
This raises an interesting question. If Marcono1234@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx registers for an Eclipse account with that email and a random name he/she should be able to sign the ECA and the bot approves. That's why we still need committers to check. As a committer, I still think that I do not want anonymous contributors in my projects. That's not a trustworthy base of communication and collaboration in my opinion. I think this will also raises a lot eyebrows for a large adopter/consumer base.
I still think requiring a legal name is a good thing. I'll put the topic on the call agenda for tomorrow. :)

Personally I'd prefer to know the name of a contributor and I'd also accept to miss one contribution per decade because the contributor wants to stay anonymous. But it's not a strong preference.

The worst that could happen with the "real name must be known" policy is that long after acceptance of a contribution it turns out that the provided real name is not real and that the contribution must be reverted because of that policy. If the only measure to avoid this from happening is to let the policy go, then let it go.



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