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Re: [] about_files and JPMS

> On Aug 28, 2019, at 13:30, Hudalla Kai (INST/ECS4) <kai.hudalla@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The Hono (IoT) project indeed includes the legal docs in each jar file
> that we distribute. I think it makes it easier for people and tooling to
> determine the license that the jar can be consumed under. We put all the
> legal docs into the META-INF folder ...

For some more background, I'm referring to the practice documented here:

However, after reviewing the project handbook it seems that the requirement around legal documents accompanying a jar changed.

> For content delivered as Java archive (JAR) files, for example, the legal files should be placed in the META-INF directory.

Thus, the requirement to have an about.html file no longer exist. I found an old reference on the page, which seems incorrect. Also, the requirement to collect about_files seems to have been replaced with the NOTICE file.


Kai, what you are doing looks like the recommended practise to me.


Gunnar Wagenknecht

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