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Re: [] about_files and JPMS

On 27.08.19 21:44, Gunnar Wagenknecht wrote:
> Greetings AC Members,
> Please find an interesting issue below. It looks like out beloved
> "about_files" folder in jar files is causing issues in Java modules.
> As a workaround, there is a recommendation to rename it from
> "about_files" to "about-files". For a final solution, I wonder if we can
> get rid of this requirement for jar files altogether. Most other
> projects I work with include a license file in their final
> product/distribution but not in every single jar file.

The Hono (IoT) project indeed includes the legal docs in each jar file
that we distribute. I think it makes it easier for people and tooling to
determine the license that the jar can be consumed under. We put all the
legal docs into the META-INF folder ...

> Thoughts?
> -Gunnar
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> Gunnar Wagenknecht
> gunnar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:gunnar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
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>> *From: *bugzilla-daemon@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:bugzilla-daemon@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>> *Subject: **[Bug 550376] [JUnit 5] Cannot run Jupiter tests in a
>> project with after upgrade to JUnit 5.5.1*
>> *Date: *August 27, 2019 at 21:14:54 GMT+2
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>> Product/Component: JDT / UI
>> --- Comment #24 from Stephan Herrmann <stephan.herrmann@xxxxxxxxx> ---
>> We have something like a recommendation from Alan Bateman in [1]
>> Forging the list of packages to exclude a given folder doesn't seem to be
>> supported without hacking the jar tool, but:
>> "The top-level directory or a location such as META-INF/legal will work of
>> course."
>> So, we have some kind of blessing also for "about-files". It solves the
>> problem, because this folder is not seen as a package, hence JPMS has
>> nothing
>> to check and hence the boot layer has no reason to blow up.
>> Conversely, by saying "about_files/EPL.html" we create an "encapsulated"
>> package "about_files", where "encapsulated" doesn't live up to its
>> promise in a
>> single-classloader runtime, which will and does blow up.
>> [1]
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