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Re: [] Next Meeting?

On 03/15/2016 05:35 PM, Wayne Beaton wrote:
Again, we have an opportunity with the press attention on Che to steal some of that attention for the desktop IDE. What are we going to do about it?
Maybe we could think of an Eclipse Che vs Eclipse IDE FAQ with several questions:

1. What is Eclipse Che?
See .... (previous announce)...

2. Is it going to replace the Eclipse IDE?
No, it's a different project. There is obviously some overlap between both, but they have some distinct goals, advantages and benfits, so the Eclipse IDE remain relevant and actively developed. Many projects already implemented new awesome features for the Eclipse Neon release in June, you'll see that its development didn't even slow down!

3. So there are 2 IDEs in the Eclipse Community?
Exactly, and they are partially competing, we're fine with that. But more than the competition, it's also important to mention that this allows for nice factorization of concerns and that those 2 IDEs share various pieces of code.

4. Why is the Foundation fine with that?
The Eclipse Foundation is fine with internal competition. Both the Foundation and the Community know that competition can bring innovation. Moreover, Che and "desktop" Eclipse IDE have some differences that make them both relevant in different circumstances

5. What are the main differences?
Che is more designed as a WaaS (workstation as a service), it contains a Web IDE, but it's actually a full environment, that can be accessed remotely. It can be seen as a substitute for a developer machine. A single instance of Che can be provided for a whole team.
Whereas the Eclipse IDE is targeting the workstation, with tighter integration with the system and more possibility to tweak it locally. as every developer has its own copy.
With current development domains, there is still room for both.

6. Is this short-term, mid-term, long-term...?
We are not the one who decide of this. Developers now have one more alternative with Eclipse Che, and we'll let them make their choices and drive the future of software development. Let's ask this again in 5 years ;)

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