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[] API Usage Report for Helios

Hey guys, here's the API Usage report I promised for Helios...

This is a suitable Helios install... it doesn't include everything but
most of the bundles (sorry if your project isn't included). We should
use this list as a discussion point in our next meeting. Pay special
attention to the red and gray colored results. I think a lot of the
internal references could be solved with proper x-friends
relationships between bundles that make sense (i.e., sse.core and
sse.ui). This would at least give us a better signal to noise ratio.

On a side note, we should be hard on projects that are using the
'org.eclipse.ui.startup' extension point without any justified
cause... see the attached picture... (e.g., Mylyn, PDT, DLTK, etc...)


Chris Aniszczyk
+1 860 839 2465

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