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RE: [] API Usage Report for Helios

That report is awesome Chris.

Regarding the Mylyn startup items, I dislike the fact that there are two Mylyn ones appearing.  The ..mylyn.tasks.ui startup is lightweight and necessary to restore the active task, since the Task List or other UI affordance might not trigger load on restart.  But if no task is active, little will load as we now have a lazy task-focused UI variant of AbstractUIPlugin.  The one is just plain annoying, and a work-around to a bug in the Synchronize view/model refresh which is still around (bug 142395).  Once we make more progress on improving the change set management APIs in Mylyn that will go away.


Dr. Mik Kersten
Tasktop CEO, Mylyn Lead

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> Chris Aniszczyk
> Sent: July-12-10 2:41 PM
> To: eclipse. org-architecture-council
> Subject: [] API Usage Report for Helios
> Hey guys, here's the API Usage report I promised for Helios...
> This is a suitable Helios install... it doesn't include everything but most of the
> bundles (sorry if your project isn't included). We should use this list as a
> discussion point in our next meeting. Pay special attention to the red and
> gray colored results. I think a lot of the internal references could be solved
> with proper x-friends relationships between bundles that make sense (i.e.,
> sse.core and sse.ui). This would at least give us a better signal to noise ratio.
> On a side note, we should be hard on projects that are using the
> 'org.eclipse.ui.startup' extension point without any justified cause... see the
> attached picture... (e.g., Mylyn, PDT, DLTK, etc...)
> --
> Cheers,
> Chris Aniszczyk
> +1 860 839 2465

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