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Re: [] Eclipse Development Process

John Arthorne wrote:

My initial reaction was a bit harsh. I think I'm just allergic to these formal methodologies because there's a new one every year, and to me the most important principle is to continuously refine the process to suit changes in team, environment, goals, etc. For the most part I think developers coming to Eclipse already have a good idea about how to write software, but they may not be familiar with the different factors at play when writing software in open source or in the specific development culture of Eclipse. So, if this was not a "how to write software" list, but rather a "here are some development practices that have worked well for writing open source software at Eclipse" list, I could see that being helpful. This is somewhat like Erich and John W's presentation from EclipseCon a few years ago:

Yes, John, this is the intent. A thing about Agile, is that you have to be able to take it and adapt it to your particular needs, but keeping the guiding principles still in tact. Personally, I have tweaked concepts from Scrum and XP to make a process that seems to fit the organization I work for. Doesn't necessarily mean that I would apply the same exact items to every project or organization that I worked for. A recommended list is fine, on what works well for eclipse. It at least gives projects some place to start at, and an explanation of why it works for the particular project can be helpful as well.


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