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RE: [] Eclipse Development Process

My initial reaction was a bit harsh. I think I'm just allergic to these formal methodologies because there's a new one every year, and to me the most important principle is to continuously refine the process to suit changes in team, environment, goals, etc. For the most part I think developers coming to Eclipse already have a good idea about how to write software, but they may not be familiar with the different factors at play when writing software in open source or in the specific development culture of Eclipse. So, if this was not a "how to write software" list, but rather a "here are some development practices that have worked well for writing open source software at Eclipse" list, I could see that being helpful. This is somewhat like Erich and John W's presentation from EclipseCon a few years ago:


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RE: [] Eclipse Development Process

Since I encouraged David to kick off this conversation, let me explain :-)

I agree vehemently that there is no such thing the single software
development process that will be suitable for every project at Eclipse.
However, I do think that there are many projects that would gladly take a
little guidance if it was offered.

So rather than a methodology, could people imagine a "top 10" list of
process recommendations maintained by the AC? The goal is not to be
intrusive. The goal is to be helpful.

Gunnar's point about mentoring is correct. But if every mentor has to repeat
the same "top 10" list to each project, wouldn't it be a little more
effective to write it down?

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> David Carver schrieb:
> > John I agree, but from my understanding is that Eclipse originally
> was
> > founded on Agile techniques...
> I don't think that this is the case. You are probably mixing up the
> Eclipse project with the Eclipse Foundation. But I don't know either.
> IMHO we should *not* define or instruct projects how they *do* software
> development. I see our role more as someone who is looking at *what*
> the projects produce and *help* projects to understand what others are
> doing and *help* projects in adopting it *if* they want.
> Of course we encourage projects to release often and to use the mailing
> lists and Bugzilla, etc. But I see this more as part of our mentoring
> task to help projects get started and develop their communities.
> -Gunnar
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