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[] Eclipse Development Process

Recently, I blogged about if the the Eclipse Development Process was still considered an agile one. Mike suggested that I bring this up as an Architecture Council topic.

As Mike has pointed out the Eclipse Development Process isn't really considered with the actual coding and software development, but more in how to move a project through the Eclipse release and deployment cycle. I don't think that the AC should dictate to projects how to develope their particular plugins, but I do think that we need to try to help install and make sure that that 10 principles of Agile Development are being followed.

Anyways, is this something that the Architecture Council should try to address over the next several months, and if so how?

Personally, I think a recommendation of which Agile methodologies a project can use wouldn't hurt. As I said, I'm fond of XP and Scrum used together, but that's my opinion. Any other combinations, or suggestions?


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