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Re: [] PDT needs a mentor

Oberhuber, Martin wrote:
Hi Dave,

the bug you reference is about a situation where the Community
wants a release of PDT based on something that's in the CVS
Repository already, they even offer to do all the work, but
the project leadership denies this for dubious reasons.

I'm not sure if a mentor can help here. Mentorship requires
the Project to request and appreciate the Mentor's advice.
Mentors cannot dictate anything.

Let's see where this goes. You already mentioned the Dev Process passage about Grievance handling. I'm not sure how
much the AC can help here...

Part of the role I see for the Architecture Council is to help projects where needed. True, we can't dictate how they do something, but mentors should be able to point out where things aren't being done in the best interest of their community or the eclipse community as a whole. The whole point of posting the bug was the make the wider audience of the AC aware of the issue.

I think this is a good example though of what can happen when a project doesn't have a mentor to help guide them, and should be a sign that mentors need to keep an eye on their project's community so they know what is going on.

With that said, I'm now going to go join the BPMN projects dev mailing list and add their newsgroup to my items to review.


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