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[] [URGENT] AC face-to-face meetings at ESE (around Nov 19) and SFO (around Dec 10)

Hi all,
your action is required until this Friday Oct 24 9:30am EST latest,
by filling in attendance info in the 2 Wiki pages mentioned below.
Gunnar has reminded me that we could organize an AC face-to-face meeting
at Eclipse Summit Europe (Nov 17-20). I think that's a great idea, especially
since I'm also going to be there :-). I know that previous such meetings have
suffered from a chronic lack of agenda, but looking at our past meetings and
the AC bug backlog on bugzilla I'm confident that we'd have enough to talk
Don has also asked whether we'd like to have an AC face-to-face alongside
the Board meeting in SFO (December 10/11) - looks like this has historically
happened most previous years, and they'd like to get confirmation soon
(end of this week!) in order to reserve some space if necessary.
So let's sort out some logistics:
  • Who's going to be there? - Given that our "remote" operations work
    reasonably well and we don't have any fixed schedule to make, I
    don't think that anybody should travel just for the F2F.
  • What's a good meeting time? Depending on travel arrangements of
    participants and other obligations.
To avoid unnecessary mail-bombing, I have created 2 Wiki pages:
Please fill in the pages with your regrets if you won't come or arrival /
departure info if you will be in town until Friday 9.30am EST latest.
Copy&Paste is your friend on the Wiki! Add comments on the "Notes" section.
Comments are totally free (could also be like "this is a waste of time"), but
please put your name in front of any comment.
I'd also like to see if the Wiki works better than bugzilla for such an
announcement and our group size, so please let us know (via note on
the Wiki) if you encounter any problems such as merge issues, or
you'd like to propose a different means for such organization.
Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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