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[] [Bug 250320] Create a medium for discussions among all committers  
Product/Component: Community / Architecture Council

--- Comment #6 from Denis Roy <denis.roy@xxxxxxxxxxx>  2008-10-10 08:48:01 -0400 ---
Why not compromise between one list and two: we keep only the list, but we set it as a moderated list. Moderation
could be done by the [Committer Reps | AC | anyone else but me]. This avoids
creating/maintaining 2 lists, allows Foundation announcements, ensures fair
discussion while avoiding any possibility of mail bombs -- moderators could
reject excessive 'mee too' messages and redirect discussion to a bug.
Moderation works very well on eclipse-dev (which was 100% useless before
moderation), which has about 2000 members.

Otherwise, I have no strong opinion here, and I'll follow the popular vote.

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