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RE: [] E4 Summit preparation

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> From: Oberhuber, Martin [mailto:Martin.Oberhuber@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Hi Mik,
> > *
> This sounds very exciting. What is your feeling, could the
> Mylyn interaction log be a strong enough technical base
> For macro recording & playback, also allowing manual text
> Edit of recorded scripts?

The interaction logging mechanism is sufficient for capturing the state of
the workbench at the time that the action or command occurred.  So you get
the action ID, and could do things like encoding the parameters into the
delta.  You can also rely on the log having the state of the workbench
(active editor, perspective and selection) since these would all be
interaction events that would have occurred before the event.  For example,
the org.eclipse.mylyn.monitor.reports component has reporting facilities
which can determine how much time each perspective was active based on those

In terms of using this for macro recording and playback, it should be
sufficient as long as you did not need to capture any of the resource
history.  In other words, it would not be a good substitute for the
Platform's undo mechanism.  But for re-invoking commands it should be
sufficient.  I think that the main open question would be what to do about
parameters.  For example, if they're included in the replay, you'd need to
worry about parameter values going stale.  Note that we haven't done any
work yet on capturing the parameter values, but considered it.

We've done some UI for replay of events for statistics recording purposes.
We've done nothing along the lines of providing a view and editing of this,
although the Izzet's Master's thesis that I pointed to on the wiki entry
above did demonstrate some interesting UI in this area.  

If you start exploring this just check out the org.eclipse.mylyn.monitor.*
projects via one of our existing project sets, or consider filing a new bug
for us to make a project set specific to that. 

If you have any specific questions either sign-up to the mylyn-integrators
list or file a bug where we can discuss your requirements:


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