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RE: [eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] RE:[] E4 Summit preparation

Thanks Lynn.

I got notice of Skypecast today, and we just tried it for our
Regular committer meeting (8 attendees total from US, Canada, 
Austria, Germany, Bulgaria). Quality was OK in the beginning
With 4 participants, but became unbearable soon with 7
Participants. It might be worth a try (even without Webcam)
If somebody could register the Skypecast and have it running,
But I wouldn't put too much hope on it.

Thanks for posting the call-in number. I will personally not
Be available most of the time tomorrow since it's a public
Holiday, but I'd certainly be calling in on Friday.

What would folks think about opening a Channel on IRC
(#e4-summit)? Looks like zx will be at the summit so there
Might be somebody monitoring it :-) IRC and Mailing List
Could be used for Requests to Open the phone conference
In case nobody is interested in dialing in right away.
That should work as long as somebody feels responsible
For operating the phone... Could anybody take on that

Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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> We have 2 options set up for remote attendance at the E4 Summit.
> 1) Wireless Internet will be available in the meeting room so 
> we could try a
> Skypecast.  We'd need someone to volunteer their laptop and a 
> webcam though,
> as the Foundation doesn't have any extra laptops on hand.  If you're
> interested in attending remotely through Skype, please add 
> your Skype ID to
> the wiki at
> 2) A conference phone will be in the room.  Remote attendees can call
> +1.866.362.7064 (North America) or +1.613.287.8000 with pass 
> code 882624 to
> join.
> Regards,
> Lynn

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