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RE: [] E4 Summit preparation

Hi Mik,

> *

This sounds very exciting. What is your feeling, could the
Mylyn interaction log be a strong enough technical base
For macro recording & playback, also allowing manual text
Edit of recorded scripts?

> committers on the technology discussed.  I'll also be around 
> on Skype on the 22nd in case questions arise (my username 
> is "beatmik").

I also regret not being there in person, but shall be available
on Skype ("martin.oberhuber") in the mornings at least, until 
the time difference gets unbearable. I'd also love to join
some session at least by Phone conference if that could be

What's the status of support for remote attendees? Even a
Webcam constantly broadcasting the scene would be more 
helpful than nothing. Add a free Skypecast, and up to 100
People can conference for free. I've never tried it and
Don't know the quality, but in the absence of something
Better it might be worth a try?


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