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[] E4 Summit preparation

Hi all,

I finished merging the Architecture Council May 15 discussion
Into the E4 Summit agenda. What I basically did, was take the
EAC meeting's "Executive Summary", split it up into the various
Summit Topic Wiki Pages, and keep hyperlink sinto the original
EAC meeting discussion. is now the primary starting
Page for an at least somewhat categorized summary of all 
Discussions, links and ideas around E4.

Two new Summit Topics emerged from that work -- please sign
up for these topics if you are interested; 

* Preferences and Leveling
* Sessions, Roles and Security

Jochen could you somehow squeeze these into your Strawman 
Agenda? - Apart from these new topics, our EAC discussions
Were added to the existing Wiki notes pages:

* E4 Tooling got a lot of ideas added
* Eclipse Application Model got some notes added
* Commands topic got the Macro Recording stuff added
* Flexible Resource Model wiki page created
* "RCP Future" got DaveO's Build Granularity stuff added

* Architectural Foundations got 4 subtopics, I'm not sure
  whether it makes sense to split them up:
** Dependency Injection
** Too Many Listeners
** Becoming More Asynchronous
** Java 5 Usage

It seems that many of the E4 topics are interrelated. If 
I had a nice mind mapping tool that I were used to, it would
Be nice drawing a mind map of the topics.

Mik: You may want to add your position papers on the proposed
Two new Services to
And add your hyperlinks for the Mylyn Interaction Log to

Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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