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Re: [eclipse-scripting-dev] e4 "releases"

> From: Wayne Beaton <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> I'm not trying to be difficult here, but I don't see this as
> semantic quibbling. These are effectively releases that you are
> encouraging the community to download and use. If there is
> functionality within the project that has reached the point where it
> needs this sort of exposure, it's time to find a new home for it.

If we are promoting these as something useable for the community we are doing a horrible job at it ;) If you go to the download page for one of these "releases" you only get a zipped p2 repository (e.g., If you get to this point it is fairly clear from the name that it's incubating, and it's in a form that is quite difficult to consume as an end-user. As Paul said the intent here was just to capture stable points in the tooling that align with particular Platform releases. Some of the tooling here is very tightly coupled to the platform and will only work with precisely one platform version, so it is important to give these a label for the sanity of our own team of committers and contributors. I suggested to Paul that we rename these to "stable builds".


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