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Re: [eclipse-scripting-dev] Initial list of requirements

Hi and thanks for these suggestions Mickael J!

We’ll study them and will come back to you if needed.





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I just had a look at the list of requirements, and that strongly reminds me of something Ketan Padegaonkar (former SWTBot lead) developed some years ago. He wrote a JRuby console for Eclipse which allowed to invoke both Eclipse APIs and SWTBot APIs.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find a reference to this piece of work. I suggest you get in touch with him directly via e-mail. Although he's not actively contributing to Eclipse any longer, he's always been helpful when I contacted him recently.

I see the requirements say "language agnostic", but targets _javascript_, Python, Groovy and Ruby. This is a good opportunity to take advantage of JSR-223 with the javax.script APIs. However, JSR-223 is not fully language agnostic as it only supports the languages which implemented support for it (but this includes the 4 ones in this list).
If you plan to implement a generic support for all these languages, I advise you also read archive of the ide-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx mailing-list and explain your goals there. There is currently an ongoing discussion on how to better factorize language tools at Eclipse. You use-cases and insights could help to drive a nicer implementations of most *DT.


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