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Re: [eclipse-scripting-dev] EScriptMonkey birth

> From: DAUSSY Arthur <arthur.daussy@xxxxxxxx>
> First of all thank you for your advice. What you have suggested
> would be perfect for us because it will really help us through the
> IP process. However, we have some issues that might make this
> solution impossible:

> 1.       After some technical discussions we decided to use a new
> project which is the fusion of Eclipse Monkey et EScript as a
> starting point. EScrit is not a an eclipse project so it integrates
> some code from non eclipse committers.

If Christian is interested in becoming a committer on this effort then it is very easy. If he is a committer, and he wrote 100% of the code himself, he can commit it. Even if he is not a committer, we would just need to submit a CQ to get the code reviewed. If it is written 100% by a single author, and the author is involved in the process, this is quite easy (but may cause some delay).

> 2.       In the new project we want to embed some interpreters such
> as Jython. The Jython project is under the Python Software License (
> and I am not sure whether we can
> directly integrate it in eclipse. We already discussed it with
> Sharon Corbett which should give us a hint to know whether it is
> possible and how to do it.

That part you will need to resolve with Sharon and the rest of the IP team. If you actually want to *include* this code and it has uncertain history then it might become a blocker. If you want to make a dependency on it, where it is one of multiple scripting engines that you support, that is easier to deal with. Would it be possible at all to separate the Jython-specific piece from the rest of the code base or is it a fundamental part. In another Eclipse project I know a case where they host separate plugins/extensions that rely on "unclean" libraries in GitHub and host the rest of the project at Eclipse, for example.

> 3.       All the committers are not already Eclipse committers so I
> do not know if their work can be directly integrated.

Making committers on e4 is very easy. We typically start an election as soon as they introduce themselves on the e4-dev mailing list. The election takes one week, and then in 1-2 more weeks it is all done.

> If those points do not appear to you as blocking points, I would be
> glad to migrate all the code to a E4 repository. We can also think
> of a way to solve them.

That might depend on how urgently you want to get started, and how central the dependency on Jython is. It is always an option to do initial exploration on GitHub so you are not blocked. As long as all the commits are from people who will be committers on the effort, it is easy to bring that work into Eclipse a bit later.


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