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Re: [eclipse-pmc] Solstice Intro/Welcome theme

Hi Brian,

the Welcome Screen redesign is on my list for this week. And after that I'll promptly address the CQ.


From:        Brian de Alwis <briandealwis@xxxxxxxxx>
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Date:        09.02.2016 17:05
Subject:        [eclipse-pmc] Solstice Intro/Welcome theme
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Hi everybody.

I’m a committer on the Platform and was asked to work on the reimagined Welcome/Intro described in bug 466370.  The work is in two parts:

1.        It introduces a new Solstice-based theme for the Welcome/Intro pages, similar to what’s used in the eclipse.orgpages.
2.        It also re-imagines the ‘home’ start page to provide a set of useful starting actions for new (and possibly grizzled) developers; I’ve called these “quicklinks”.  

I’ve included a small snapshot it below.

Three things to notice:
  • We’ve moved the page references (Overview, Tutorials, Samples, What’s New) to the right side
  • We’ve added a set of ‘quicklinks’ for commonly-used commands (left side)
  • We’ve brought in the always-show component (lower right), which defaults to “always show on restart”

The work is currently pending on CQ 10824 against platform.ui (gerrit) and we’ll need a similar CQ for use of the icons for EPP.  This needs PMC sign-off before it can proceed further.

This work is opt-in.  The goal is for the EPP packages to use it, once approved.

I’ve put up a changeset on Gerrit to implement the change above for the Java package as an example.  What you need to do:
  • Include the org.eclipse.intro.theme.solstice feature: it includes two bundles, org.eclipse.ui.intro.solstice and org.eclipse.ui.intro.quicklinks, that implement the theme and the quicklinks component, respectively.
  • Change your plugin_customization.ini to point org.eclipse.ui.intro/INTRO_THEME = org.eclipse.ui.intro.universal.solstice
  • Configure your desired quicklinks using the org.eclipse.ui.intro.quicklinks extension point.  These leverage the existing Eclipse Core Commands (e.g., the org.eclipse.ui.newWizard command).

There’s potentially more that can be done.  The org.eclipse.ui.intro.solstice.examplesbundle shows how you could embed custom RSS feeds into the root page.

Brian.[attachment "JEE Welcome.PNG" deleted by Daniel Megert/Zurich/IBM] _______________________________________________
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