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Re: [eclipse-mirrors] Re: [carsten@xxxxxxxxx: [ftpsync-eclipse-ftp@ftp] (28382) rsync ERROR on 2010.05.28-09:29:48]

On 05/31/2010 04:31 PM, Carlos Carvalho wrote:
  >When you say "you should pull commits", who is "you" exactly?

The master repository admin, which may or may not be the machine
admin. It is the role responsible for creating and maintaining the
directory tree in the master repository. servers are run by exactly 2 people -- myself, and the other guy sitting next to me. The two of us are hardware experts, MySQL experts, Cisco experts, PHP experts, Apache gurus, Java idiots, Hudson masters, and we play a mean minesweeper. We also support Git, CVS, SVN, Bugzilla, Mediawiki, Wordpress and tons of other things that I can't even remember. We're the helpdesk for 16 staff, 1000 committers and countless users who send mail to webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx.

So I guess I'm the master repository admin too. Great, there goes the time I had left to drink beer.

Seriously... I really appreciate all your feedback but it boils down to this:

-> If the mirror is too big, drop a top-level directory or three. /eclipse contains the basic SDK, /technology contains the cool packages on our main downloads page. If all you mirror is those two, I'm a happy camper!

-> If you can't stand the occasional permissions error, just rsync from a public Eclipse rsync such as UK mirror service, OSU OSL or Georgia Tech. You'll never get permissions errors from them.

-> I'll keep doing what I can to keep the mirror as small as possible, but the number of Eclipse projects just keeps growing. I guess that's a good sign, really.

Oh, and if you don't hear back from me within a week, please don't assume I don't care.


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