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Re: [eclipse-mirrors] wtp and tptp mirror

Tim Brom wrote:
Calvin College (ht|f)tp://mirror.calvin.edu/callisto/ in Michigan has
been mirroring Callisto for a while, but I just noticed that we had
not made the list. You can add us to that.

Thanks Tim - you're on the list. I also noticed you're mirroring Stable and Update files, so I added you to those. Expect a dent in your bandwidth in the weeks to come ;)

Akos Gabriel wrote:
> OK. Where should I put it under my hierarchy?
> In the root as /callisto ?

Akos - Yes.
`---- birt
`---- callisto
`---- eclipse
      `---- downloads/drops
`---- tools
`---- webtools

> Could somebody extend the mirror script?

The mirror script is up-to-date (this thing should be in CVS somewhere...):




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