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Re: [eclipse-mirrors] wtp and tptp mirror

On 5/18/06, Eclipse WebMaster (Denis Roy) <webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks, Akos.  I've added those projects to your record.

BTW, is anyone else interested in mirroring the Callisto directory?
Callisto is the release of Eclipse + 9 other projects in late June 2006,
so it will be a big bandwidth hog.  We have a *real need* for more
mirrors in the USA. The more mirrors we have, the better it will be for
us all.  It will cost you about 700M of disk space.

Calvin College (ht|f)tp://mirror.calvin.edu/callisto/ in Michigan has been mirroring Callisto for a while, but I just noticed that we had not made the list. You can add us to that.

Tim Brom